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Architectural Development Intern

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Architectural Development Intern
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Internship description:

As an Intern with us you will have an exciting opportunity to put your studies into practice. Interns in this position will be expected to complete the following tasks:

  • Work with the team on current  projects in the portfolio
  • Maintaining a front end technical presence in liaison with marketing teams
  • Become well exposed to the dynamics of client interaction and customer relationship management
  • Coordinate and manage with an on site mobile office design team responsible for daily client interactions
  • Provide feedback with incorporation in the on going conceptual design phase of projects
  • Work with teams in charge of developing presentations for potential and existing clients
  • Ensure quality assurance and control function in a compliance coordinator capacity

Skills required:

  • Ability to apply a creative vision to architectural practice
  • Critical thinking skills about the relationship between spatial manipulation, culture, and technology.
  • Ability to represent ideas with the use of visual aids such as drawings and models.
  • Ability to communicate with personnel from all levels
  • Research and design capabilities
  • Coordinating and managing projects and people
  • Perform as a self-starter, self-manager, and orchestrator of multiple parties
  • Expertise with CAD software and other graphical software packages
  • Knowledge of model building and rendering helpful

Company profile:

We are a second generation architecture firm based in London. We design multiple building types and specialize in churches. We  span across Europe and have designed over 100 churches. Some of our other clients are institutional or non-profit which include schools, fire stations, train depot restorations, large scale residential and other building types. We were founded in 1957 and continue to progress today under strong leadership.

We have a service approach to architecture. Our three part philosophy includes designing inspirational architecture, specifically suited to our clients needs, and within their budgets. We believe that meaning and content are what separate architecture from mere building. Architecture should in some way transcend utility.

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